Yang Guo + Xiao Longnu
The Love Story

Considered one of the greatest love stories ever told, Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu's love story is very touching and moving in every way. Yang Guo is a playful and outgoing boy who likes to have fun and live life to the fullest. Xiao Longnu is the disciple of Lin Chaoying in Gumu Bai. She's been raised to distrust men and to banish the thought that there was decent men in the world. She grew up alone, shut from the outside world, not knowing the matters of the world, and was taught to never have human emotions. Cold, expressionless and uncaring, she possessed a captivating beauty that would hold every gaze frozen.

Yang Guo was a boy of fourteen and Xiao Longnu was a grown woman of eighteen when they first met. Yang Guo was being chased down by his teachers at the Quanzhen Bai when he ran into Grandma Sun, who saved him and brought him into the Ancient Tomb, where she and her mistress Xiao Longnu lived. With her dying breath, she pleaded with her reluctant mistress to take Yang Guo in. Left with no other choice, after Grandma Sun's death, Xiao Longnu agreed to accept him as disciple even though the Gumu Bai rule was for all-women.

Yang Guo's earlier days in the Ancient Tomb was miserable, as his teacher, whom he called Gu Gu, was very strict and not very caring or nice to him. This couldn't be blamed on her, as she was raised to be like that.

Day by day passed and Xiao Longnu's cold heart melted but she was careful not to show any emotions. She was still strict and disciplined outside, but inside, she cared for Yang Guo. Not in a romantic way anyway, for she didn't know what romance was or what love was. All she knew was that she cared for Yang Guo's safety and that she missed him when he was gone.

Three years later, a seventeen-year-old Yang Guo had grown up to be a handsome young man, and he grew to care more and more for his Gu Gu. He saw her as his idol, his teacher, and the most beautiful woman living on earth. Living with her for three years had his heart tied down to just one woman, that of Xiao Longnu.

When Xiao Longnu was injured from practicing Yu Nu Xing Jing with Yang Guo, Li Mochou, her treacherous sect sister, came charging into the Ancient Tomb, forcing her and Yang Guo to seal all the exits permanently. Before they did so, Xiao Longnu told Yang Guo to leave and leave her behind forever to die with Li Mochou. Yang Guo pretended to agree, but then closed the exits with him inside, saying "If you're staying here forever, then I'll stay in here to keep you accompany."

At this, Xiao Longnu felt something inside that she herself could not describe. For the first time in her heart she felt something. Not anger from Yang Guo disobeying her, but to her surprise she was actually happy that Yang Guo decided to stay for her. After much time cooped with inside the Ancient Tomb, they finally found clues that there was another exit that even Xiao Longnu didn't know. So, together they found it and set out on a journey.

Not long into their journey together, they ran into Ouyang Feng, Yang Guo's crazed foster father, who wanted to teach Yang Guo his kungfu. However, not wanting Xiao Longnu to follow, Ouyang Feng striked her pressure point so she couldn't move. Unbeknownst to Yang Guo, Yan Zhiping, who had deep affections and passion for Xiao Longnu for a long time, happened to be strolling by and saw Xiao Longnu alone and frozen. He made use of this opportunity and took advantage of her by violating her after blindfolding her.

Xiao Longnu, meanwhile, thought that it was Yang Guo and so she didn't object. However, when Yang Guo came back from practice and Xiao Longnu asked him if he would take her as his wife and he was acting dumb about it, she ran off from him broken-hearted. Yang Guo was left speechless and confused of what he'd done. That's when he heard of the hero competition that Guo Jing was arranging, so he dediced to go there hoping to find Xiao Longnu on the way.

Being alone, he contemplated a lot about his relationship with Xiao Longnu. He was scolding himself for being stupid when asked if he would take her as his wife. In truth, at that time, he still didn't realize what kind of feeling he had for Xiao Longnu. All he knew was that he cared for his Gu Gu a lot and would always want to stay together. Only when Xiao Longnu had gone that he realized his feelings were love and that he loved her and he'd made up his mind to have her as his wife.

At Guo Jing's residence, Yang Guo was welcomed and was even offered Guo Fu, Guo Jing's daughter, to be married to him. At the same time, Xiao Longnu appeared and this was when Yang Guo publicly proclaimed to everyone in the competition that he loved his teacher and that he was going to marry her. In feudal society, this was a degrading embarrassment. A teacher and a student should never had that kind of relationship, and so this caused them to be shunned. Both Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu never quite understood why this was forbidden, but they didn't care, and so they set off together.

They decided to go back to the Ancient Tomb and live there together. However, on their way back, they ran into Jinlun Fawang, who was fighting Huang Rong. After having helped Huang Rong, Xiao Longnu was told by Huang Rong that Yang Guo could never live cooped up in the Ancient Tomb forever. Xiao Longnu realizing this, cried that night for the very first time, and left quietly leaving Yang Guo alone.

The next morning Yang Guo set out to look for Xiao Longnu, when he encountered Jinlun Fawang. Though this time without Xiao Longnu, he lost and was seriously injured. Fortunately, he was saved by Cheng Ying. During his recuperation, Yang Guo met Huang Yaoshi and Sha Gu. He became great friends with Huang Yaoshi, who totally supported him marrying his teacher. He also found out from Sha Gu that Huang Rong and Guo Jing caused his father Yang Kang's death. And so he swore to avenge him and allied with Jinlun Fawang.

Later on, Yang Guo found Xiao Longnu in Jueqing Valley, where he was led to by a group of men who captured Zhou Botong. However, Xiao Longnu pretended not to know him and was getting ready to marry the Lord of Jueqing Valley, Gongsun Zhi. This crushed Yang Guo to the very core and when she saw how much she was hurting him and that he truly loved her, she resolved to admit that she really was Xiao Longnu and that she loved him.

Gongsun Zhi, however, was enraged that Xiao Longnu didn't want to marry him anymore and ordered the both of them to be captured. In captivity, the both of them was poisoned by the Qing Hua, a kind of poison that reacted inside lovesicks. Wanting to save Yang Guo, Xiao Longnu agreed to marry Gongsun Zhi. Yang Guo was freed by Gongsun Lu'er however, and he saved Xiao Longnu from the marriage.

The only antidote was with Qiu Qianchi, who wanted Huang Rong and Guo Jing's heads for killing Qiu Qianran. So Yang Guo was asked to do so to get the antidote. Wanting to avenge his father anyway, Yang Guo agreed to return with their heads. However, in Xiang Yang, Yang Guo witnessed how patriotic Guo Jing was and resolved not to kill him. Xiao Longnu, on the other hand, helped Huang Rong gave birth to Guo Xiang, and then stole the baby to be traded with the antidote.

In the midst of all the confusion when the Mongolians attacked Xiang Yang, and with the Wu brothers fighting over Guo Fu, and with Li Mochou fighting Xiao Longnu, everyone got separated. Yang Guo ended telling the Wu brothers that he was going to marry Guo Fu to prevent their fight, and Xiao Longnu overhearing this, got broken-hearted once more. She got another devastating hit when she found out that it was Yin Zhiping who had violated her instead of Yang Guo. In a trance, she couldn't face Yang Guo and left to wander around and vowed revenge on Yin Zhiping.

Yang Guo, who was injured from fighting with Jinlun Fawang and Li Mochou, woke up to find his Gu Gu gone and was grieving when Guo Fu came in and yelled at him for what he said to the Wu brothers as they were ignoring her afterwards. Enraged because Guo Fu insulted Xiao Longnu, Yang Guo slapped her and she then mindlessly cut off his arm, causing him to almost die. Luckily he was saved by a big condor, who then revealed to him the secret of Dugu Qiubai.

Xiao Longnu had followed Yin Zhiping from Xiang Yang all the way to Chongyang Temple, where the Quanzhen students were under attack by Mongolians. In the midst of the fight, Xiao Longnu accidentally got hit by the five Quanzhen elders and fell down. Yang Guo, who happened to see this, got very angry and wanted to kill the Quanzhen elders for revenge. Xiao Longnu however stopped him and told him that she wanted to die anyway. She then told him about having been violated by Yin Zhiping, and this enraged Yang Guo, who wanted to kill Yin Zhiping, who had already plunged himself into Xiao Longnu's sword out of guilt.

To convince Xiao Longnu how much he loved her and how he didn't care about what Yin Zhiping had done to her, Yang Guo asked her to be his wife right then and there in Chongyang Temple. Witnessed by the reluctant Sun Bu'er, Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu knelt before the portrait of Wang Chongyang and proclaimed themselves husband and wives before kowtowing three times.

When both of them got back to the Ancient Tomb, Xiao Longnu's conditions had gotten worse. First she was poisoned by the Qing Hua, and then she received the powerful hit from the five Quanzhen elders, and if that's not enough, Guo Fu accidentally hit her with one of Li Mochou's poisoned needles. She was helpless and there was no cure for her, as the only antidote for Yang Guo was in the hands of Gongsun Zhi.

When Xiao Longnu finally succeeded in obtaining the only antidote for Yang Guo, it was just enough for one person and could not help two people. So Yang Guo just threw away the antidote knowing he couldn't live alone without Xiao Longnu. They then decided to spend their last few days living side by side and then die together.

Huang Rong finally figured out an antidote for Yang Guo, but yet there was none for Xiao Longnu. She informed Xiao Longnu of this news. Wanting to keep Yang Guo alive, she left him a writing on a rock on Jueqing Valley saying that she had left and will be back in sixteen years. In the meantime, Yang Guo should take the antidote for his poison and stay alive to wait for her. In truth, knowing there was no cure for herself, Xiao Longnu jumped of the Jueqing Valley cliff, and killed herself so that Yang Guo was willing to drink the antidote.

Huang Rong suspected that Xiao Longnu had killed herself to make Yang Guo eat the antidote. Afraid Yang Guo might kill himself if he realized that, she told him that Xiao Longnu had gone with the Nan Hai Seng Nu to be her disciple and should Yang Guo try to get her, she would get very angry and refuse to teach Xiao Longnu.

Time passed by, and sixteen years had passed by. During this sixteen-year, Yang Guo had developed to be the greatest fighter, and known as the one-armed Condor Hero Yang Guo, doing good deeds here and there, earning respects from all, while waiting patiently for the day he was supposed to meet his wife again in Jueqing Valley.

The day before he was supposed to meet Xiao Longnu had come, and he was having small talk with Huang Yaoshi, whom when asked about the Nan Hai Seng Nu, did not have a clue about her. Yang Guo then realized he'd been lied to for sixteen years. His wife actually had died leaving him sixteen years ago. How scolded himself for being so stupid. The next day however, with high hopes, he still waited at the Jueqing Valley for Xiao Longnu to show up. He waited from dawn till dusk through the morning after. The hair on his temples turned white overnight thinking about his beloved wife.

His devastation was very deep as he read her written words over and over again. He even had hallucinations of Xiao Longnu sixteen years ago before jumping off the cliff saying, "In sixteen years, you'll have forgotten about me." He yelled back to the mirage, "Do you think in sixteen years I'll have forgotten about you? I will never forget you!" And when he saw the mirage jumping down the cliff, without even thinking, he jumped right after it.

Instead of rocks at the bottom of the cliff, killing Yang Guo, it was water. So Yang Guo was swimming deeper and deeper until he arose on the other side of the cliff, revealing an opening area. There were tress, grass, and then... a house! Getting his hopes up higher and higher he was thinking that Xiao Longnu hadn't died and that maybe she was living right there.

Sure enough, when he stepped inside the house, it looked well-made and clean. And then he saw a rope hanging on between the walls, which was how Xiao Longnu always slept. When he stepped out of the room, he saw her back turning around. For a moment they both shared a glorious moment together. He was so happy that she hadn't died and that he finally met her again. They each said each other's names. Yang Guo pointed out that Xiao Longnu hadn't changed or aged one bit, and then looked down feeling embarrassed. Xiao Longnu promptly said, "You have grown up..."

For a while at the bottom of the cliff, they both exchanged stories of how their lives had been without each other. In fact, Xiao Longnu's poisons in her body have disapparated from eating honey from her bees and fish from the sea. But she couldn't find a way to get back up when she was finally healthy. Then they finally flew up with the condor.

After having helped Guo Jing and the others defending the Xiang Yang Fortress from the Mongolian army, and after killing Hu Bilie, the Mongolian prince, Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu finally embarked on their journey together to live life ordinarily and away from the world. They lived happily ever after and was never heard of again.

Note: It is suspected that the lady with no name with great kungfu in the yellow dress who shows up twice in HSDS, one was exposing the fake Gai Bang leader, and one defeating Zhou Zhiruo at the lion killing meeting, is in fact Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu's daughter. This is never confirmed.

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